Do you want to sell your property?

Do you like to sell or rent your property in Venice but don’t you know how to do it?

Here below our 5 good reasons to entrusted yourself to Grimaldi and Gabetti property

1) Right appraisal of the property: Grimaldi and Gabetti property experts know that the property estimate considers not only the size and the but mainly the surrounding area and the present real estate market. You and our experts will consider together the best strategy to sell or rent your property

2) Careful promotion of the property: Thanks to the main real estate networks and the membership with more than 1400 agencies in the whole country, Grimaldi and Gabetti agencies give you the occasion to increase the possibility to sell or rent your property quicker


3) Visit management : “Your time is money” our Grimaldi and Gabetti experts don’t want to waste your time so we organize visits only when clients are really interested in your property.


4) The fair property expert doesn’t promise excellent business: Grimaldi and Gabetti experts know very well the Venetian real estate market; they don’t promise to sell your property to a higher price just to earn the assignment. A wrong appraisal could dissuade the possibility of selling


5) National reliability of our two brands: being member of the brands Grimaldi Immobiliare and Gabetti Franchising Agency is a plus for our business, it is a synonymous of respect, honesty, devotion and most of all professionalism.